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A Model for Inquiry in PE

The true meaning of inquiry is often debated as many people have varying points of view in regards to what it looks like and how it is best applied in the classroom. I think we all agree when people say that it needs to be student initiated as this type of inquiry paves the way for genuine and authentic learning experiences regardless of subject area. Inquiry comes in many different forms and what works well for one person may not necessarily be best for the next person. Good inquiry is a skill that needs to be constantly refined by both students and teachers in an effort to improve learning. 

The model of inquiry that I created for PE has helped me to think about my own teaching practice on a deeper level. I see it more as a journey that allows students to move back and forth between learning phases as they consolidate their knowledge. PE is very much skills based, but I firmly believe that the enduring and lasting concepts play more of a pivotal role, in the long run, than the skills related to sport. However, I do not in anyway downplay the importance of kids being as active as possible in PE. My model for inquiry in PE consists of 5 distinct phases which flow throughout the unit. These phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Introduction
Phase 2: Initial Learning Experiences
Phase 3: More Directed and Specific Learning Experiences
Phase 4: Culmination
Phase 5: StudentsTaking Action

This model works well for me and has definitely helped me to design more engaging PE units for my students. I am happy to share this with you, but am in no way saying this model is best!  We are all different in the way we learn and teach. I only offer this model for your consideration.